 Provide school supplies to many schools
to allow them to provide better education to
the students.  
 Provide sports equipment/materials to
students in the area so they can engage in
intrascholar activities.
 Provide electricity to a population of over
50,000 inhabitants, especially students who
currently use gas lamps to study.  
 Provide the community hospital with
much needed supplies which will facilitate
the service to the community.
 Build vocational schools/programs to allow
young children to remain in the L’Asile area
rather than going to the already over-crowded
Port-au-Prince only to become homeless
living under tents and eventually risking their
lives to take the boat to come to the US in
search of a better life
 Create a cyber café and computer training
center using solar-powered equipment which
will not only train young people in computer
literacybut also facilitate communication
between the youth of L’Asile and those abroad